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The Flight of the Falcon S15

The journey to commissioning the world's most efficient & eco-friendly roaster


From the Pacific Coast of California, to the far eastern shorelines of Canada, Nova Scotia’s first Loring Coffee Roaster, the S15 Falcon, travelled over 3600 miles and landed on its perch in the Sunday Silence roasting room and headquarters November 20, 2020.

Our fate with the Falcon was discovered last fall, thanks to a change of plans from its original buyer in the US. For what usually takes half a year to secure, build and ship, took a matter of weeks for some stroke of good fortune. This sped up the process of bringing home our dream machine. 

Knowing the Falcon was ready to take flight also sped up preparations of the roasting room with the anticipation of the arrival of our new family member. With the help of a hardworking brother and nephew, the roasting room was finished in no time. 

This first edition of our newsletter is written with pride knowing we are able to offer you coffee roasted on a machine that is engineered to generate up to 80% on fuel savings and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions each time we fire up the machine to bring you another great roast. 


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